Online Service Provision and Technology Books and Articles

The use of online resources in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy has a brief and chequered history. Articles are written and go out of date before they are even published, and articles provided online rapidly acquire obsolete links -- or worse! It is also probably indicative of the immature state of the field that many articles seem to say the same kinds of things, albeit in slightly different ways. There are quite a few broad surveys of what is available or of general browsing behaviour (both of which fall under the heading of market research), plenty of general overviews and introductions, and a few relatively narrow outcome studies. Deep insights, landmark empirical studies, or even rigorous philosophical or conceptual engagement are much harder to find. This section includes a partial sample of what is available, but caveat emptor.

Online Service Provision and Technology

This section on Online Service Provision includes the following sub-sections:


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