Specific Psychological Distress: Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder)

Additional information on schizophrenia is available from the Mental Health Reference site, including the symptoms of schizophrenic disorders. CounsellingResource.com provides a schizophrenia self-test.

Specific Psychological Distress


Mulhauser, G.R. (2011) Schizophrenia Test and Early Psychosis Indicator (STEPI). CounsellingResource.com. [Schizophrenia test available online]

The Schizophrenia Test and Early Psychosis Indicator (STEPI) is designed as a simple screening quiz to help identify symptoms of the schizophrenia prodrome before an individual becomes fully psychotic. Unlike other schizophrenia screening tests on the internet, the STEPI takes account of both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia while also testing for mitigating factors which can preclude a diagnosis of schizophrenia altogether.


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