Annotated Bibliography - Introduction

This special supplementary section of the bibliography provides an independently produced annotated bibliography on managed behavioural healthcare prepared for the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; please see the first page of the supplement for recommended citation information.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefit and System Design
  3. Capitation
  4. Community Mental Health Services
  5. Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs)
  6. Economics, Forecasting, and Pricing
  7. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  8. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
  9. Law and Ethics
  10. Provider Issues
  11. Public Sector
  12. Quality Assurance and Outcomes
  13. Special Populations
    1. Children
    2. Elderly
    3. Ethnic Groups
    4. Women
  14. Substance Abuse
  15. Training and Education
  16. Utilization Management
  17. Author Index
  18. Keyword Index


This publication expands and updates an earlier annotated bibliography on managed behavioral health care edited by Jane Kramer and Saul Feldman, published by SAMHSA. The original bibliography included 250 abstracts that covered the published literature on managed behavioral health over a 5-year period from January 1989 through mid-1994.

The current publication updates the bibliography from mid-1994 through June 1999. The additional documents were located through a search of the journal literature and a scan of a number of organizational Web sites. Bibliographic databases searched to identify journal articles include Medline, HealthStar, Psycinfo, ABI/Inform, Insurance Periodicals Index, and Econlit. Web sites include the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Information, SAMHSA's National Mental Health Information Center, Georgetown University Center for Child Health and Mental Health Policy, Florida Mental Health Institute, American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, National Mental Health Association, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, Mathematica Policy Research, R.O.W. Sciences, Westat, Research Triangle Institute, and the Institute for Behavioral Health/CentraLink.

For the reader’s convenience, this report has two indexes: an Author Index and a Keyword Index. Each abstract has keywords listed and corresponds to the Keyword Index at the end. The Keyword Index lists key topics alphabetically, followed by the abstract numbers for the abstracts that contain these topics.

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