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We welcome your feedback about the site, so feel free to drop us a line using the address below.

Contacting Us

The sites in our network are among the world's busiest sites focusing specifically counselling and psychotherapy, which means we receive a large volume of email. So please understand we may not be able to reply personally to every message which comes in, but we do read every message that arrives from a human! (I.e., we filter out quite a bit of junk email, as everyone has to these days.)

Note on Reciprocal Linking Requests

Please note that sites in our network receive a large number of unsolicited 'link exchange' demands from sites running automated link farms. With few exceptions, we view link farms as web spam, and we will not reply to demands for reciprocal links to sites which have included in their link farms.

We do, however, welcome all contacts from sites with complementary content that are not running link farm software.

Our Email Address

So you've read this far, and you know we'll read your message unless it is spam or a (spammy) link request, and you know we can't guarantee a personal reply to every query -- excellent! Then fire away, and we look forward to hearing from you:



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